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Full ancestors research - Detailed information

Terms of genealogical research service

Árbol de Familia para Regalar

What's the Full Ancestors research?

Discover who your direct ancestors were. We will work to obtaining the necessary documents to reconstruct a well-documented family history. Birth certificates, baptism, marriage, registers, press notes... this information will allows you to know dates, places, addresses, professions ....

With your ancestors investigation you will receive:

Libro de Antepasados encuadernado

Ancestors book
Documentos genealógicos originales

Esquema de arbol genealogico

Family tree chart
Cd con la información de antepasados en formato digital

CD with information found

What kind of information will I get?

The objective of the research will be obtaining, as a minimum, the first and last names of all direct ascendants (not siblings) corresponding to the level of research requested.

All the information is obtained from documentation that we'll look for in civil and church archives, whether they are birth, baptism, marriage registers, testaments, notarial or miltary records, press, etc.

Depending on the type of document that is necessary to consult for the identification of each person, one or other information will be obtained (dates, locations, professions, positions, etc.), all this information is included in the Ancestors Book that is deliveried.

Our commitment is not to charge for the ancestors whose identity (as a minimum, first and last name) could not be discovered. In these cases, they will be deducted proportionally from the budgeted price, without passing on to the client the expenses incurred in the search for these ancestors.

Except for extraordinary cases in which there is a special interest for some specific data, our research does not seek to identify collateral ascendants (siblings, cousins ​​or descendants of these), but we can adapt if you are interested on it.

How far can you go in the investigation?

Genealogical investigations up to six generations of direct ancestors over the main person are considered standard investigations and they are achievable in the vast majority of cases.

For this reason on the web appear prices up to that research level. If you wish to continue deepening beyond the sixth generation of ancestors we will prepare a personalized budget once that first objective has been reached.

The study can go on as far as there is written documentation related to the people we are looking for.
This limit usually coincides with the appearance of parish registers, in the mid-sixteenth century, although sometimes it is possible to go back even further back in time.

During any family investigation, some obstacles can appear that make it impossible to identify one person or branch (for example, files destroyed, children of unknown parents or single mother, etc.)
We commit to calculate the final price by applying a proportional discount to direct ancestors whose identity could not be documented with at least the first and last name, if any of these cases happens.

Estudio genealógico de Antepasados
Estudio Genealógico

Family tree (optional graphic representation)

We also offer the Graphic Representation of the information obtained in the research, your family tree.
In the form you can choose the design you prefer according to the level of research selected.

Árbol genealógico de antepasados por ramas completas
Sample of family tree.
Main person + 5 Generations research + heraldic shields.

Our design team will propose, before printing the work, the most suitable size for your poster, giving priority to the good visibility of the information so that the text is easily readable.

At that time you can give your agreement to the recommended size or request a different one. From the information gathered during the family investigation, in the graphic representation will appear, for reasons of space, the following data of each person:


What information do you need to start?

To start our professional family research, only the name and surnames of the main person, as well as their date and birth place are essential.
However, the additional data that you enter in the request form related to parents and grandparents will help to expedite the investigation, and will allow to contrast the documented information with that assumed by the family.

In the form you will also find an Observations section where you can freely write any comments or additional information.


Type here the birth year of the person whose ancestors you want us to investigate and will obtain a prices table with the following information for each research level:

The prices include taxes and home delivery costs.

Genealogical investigations up to six generations of ancestors above the main person are considered standard researches and achievable in the vast majority of cases.

However, the limit of any historical research is the existence of written documentation regarding the ancestor we are looking for.
In most cases, this limit coincides with the appearance of chruch registers in the mid-sixteenth century, although sometimes it is possible to go further back in time.

If you are interested in a wider investigation you can order the Main + 6 generations level and once this goal is completed, we will prepare a personalized budget for the extension of the investigation.


All Family tree Research services require an advance payment of at least 30% of budget.
Before starting to work we will notify you by e-mail the conditions in your particular case and we will request your agreement.

We also accept partial payments during the study.

Accepted payment methods:

Bank transfer
Bank transfer

Credit card
Abueling acepta PayPal

Western Union
Abueling acepta Western Union

Delivery time

Ancestors researches can be delayed depending on the difficulties that we find during the consultations in the different historical archives, churches, etc., but in the price box you will find the estimated realization time according to each level research.

During this time, you will be always informed by email or checking the state of the investigation report in our website.

Of course, we are always at your disposal for any question, also by chat or email.


A bubble envelope is delivered with the ancestry book, the folder containing documents and the CD or pen drive.
In case of having also requested the Graphic Representation of family tree, a tube containing the poster is also delivered.
All this in a rigid cardboard packaging.

Shipments are made by certified mail or by courier, depending on the urgency required. In any case, the customer is informed of a shipping reference number to track it online.

Tubo de cartón rígido para el envío de la lámina

Additional copies

Both in the case of the sheet with the Family Tree poster, and the ancestors book, it is possible to make additional copies identical to the original or customized by modifying, for example, the primary person.

In any case, the price of the copies will depend on the cost of printing, according to the size of the sheet or the number of pages of the book.

Are my data safe?

Of course. The information provided by the client and the found one by us during the ancestors research is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Only our staff and the printing providers have access to family data, and they undertake to comply with all current legal provisions regarding the use and disclosure of information.


For us the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our customers; for that reason, guarantees rework free of charge at any of the following cases:

In order to reinforce the trust our clients place in us, as additional security, our company Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. is in the Register of Distance Sales Companies and is attached since 2010 to the National Consumer Arbitration System of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain with the official badge number 487.

Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. Empresa Adherida al Sistema de Arbitraje de Consumo

OK, but... I have other questions

Please contact us by email. We will be happy to assist you in a personalized way.